Who will be the New CEO of Twitter?

According to international news and tech updates regarding twitter and Elon musk, company owner Some news is continuously spreading out. Twitter’s current CEO, Elon Musk is looking for a new chief Executive Officer for his company, Some hours ago, Musk Tweeted a poll asking ” Should I step down as head of Twitter? I will abide by the results of this poll”.

See the poll here.

As he committed to abiding with his post result, after hours of tweet, almost 57% of the public or poll voted for yes, which means Elon musk should step down as the head of Twitter, and 43% voted for No. He is looking for a capable CEO now and if he finds one, Musk would step down as Twitter’s CEO.

Following Musk’s Tweet, popular rapper Snoop Dogg also tweeted a poll saying whether should he run Twitter. To their surprise, most of the people were in his support. Do you think Young, wild, and Free rapper will be the next CEO of Twitter? comment down your answers.

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