Top 10 IT Companies In Nepal 2023 [UPDATED]

Which are the Top 10 IT Companies in Nepal? This question has obviously come into your mind if you are an IT student or a person thinking of pursuing the IT field in Nepal.

You may have wondered how the tech and digital industries have flourished in Nepal. So scroll down the article to know the top 10 IT companies in Nepal.


Verisk Nepal is clearly on the list of top 10 It companies in Nepal. It is the top software development company for the purpose of risk analysis and is based in Hattisar, Kathmandu; this company operates a subsidiary of ISO, which is also a risk analysis business. This company does not only deals with the national customer but has also dealt with foreign customers in Nepal for a long time (2009); the main project of this company is to gain software-related projects. This company designs, develops, testing, and maintenance of the application and software for the customer as their demand.

Verisk company is totally a well-qualified company when it comes to managing and handling a huge amount of data. This company performs any kind of work, some of them are listed below: –

  • Develop applications and software.
  • UI/UX design services.
  • Software quality control and test automation.
  • Quality control and testing automation

Leapfrog Technology Inc.

Leapfrog is another IT-based leading company in Nepal. These company work in the field of AI and healthcare. It has done a collaboration with its clients to design and build software that people feel really easy to use.

Leap Frog Inc.
Source: Facebook Leap Frog Technology Inc.

The main objective of leapfrog is to motivate people everywhere to solve complex problems which any company can not get rid of. Talking about the experiences and the work they have done, they have produced 100+ delighted clients. Leapfrog company lies in Charkhal RD, Kathmandu.

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Medical devices
  • Machine learning
  • Data Engineering


DEERWALK is an IT company which is working in the field of data manipulation, data management, and healthcare located in Sifal, Kathmandu. It focuses on various software-related products such as data management and many more field.
Talking about the services these companies provide, it offer big data and their services to administrators, health plans, brokers, and consultants. It is a private company. It is based in Lexington, MA. There are lots of services they provide and

some of them are mentioned below -:

  • Big data storage
  • Software development
  • Health and population risk assessment
  • Modeling and maintaining the plan design

Cotiviti NEPAL Pvt. Limited

Cotiviti is also one of the leading companies in Nepal in the field of healthcare informatics industry. This company is focused on healthcare IT solutions. Talking about the work they do, they analyze the voluminous data to assist clients in decision analysis.

They are not only based in Nepal but have also been operating from the United States of America and consistently ranking among the top healthcare companies. Some of the services provided by the company are listed -:

  • Great teamwork
  • Web development
  • Growth and development of employees
  • Sanitary solution


CloudFactory is also one of the leading IT companies in Nepal, having its beach all over the world. This company provides the facility in data processing and machine learning. The are more than 170 clients that trust the cloud factory for storing their data. It also has branches in many countries like the UK, the US, Nepal, etc.

Cloud Factory Nepal.
Source: Merojob

It has been totally operating in Nepal with a large number of team members. It has provided the data entry job for people to have a general idea about the use of computers.

  • Data labeling
  • Data process and business operation

Elscript Technology

Elscript is also one of the top 10 companies in Nepal which focuses on developing website design and development company in Kathmandu, Nepal. It lies in the top section for online solution providers. It has a sizable customer. This company focus on the need of the customer and provide the solution that helps make the most of the internet resources and eventually provide
productive outcomes.

It has a magnificent way in the field of data-driven marketing and provides vast corporations with a range of software products and services. Some of the services this company provides:-

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Graphic and logo design
  • Web development
  • App development

Log point

Logpoint is helping customers to accelerate their ability to build, manage and transform their business. This company provides services related to security the problem, who deals with problems anywhere in the world.

log point Nepal.
Source: Merojob

This company provides advanced analytics and automation capabilities that enable clients to manage
and properly transform their businesses. Some of the points are mentioned below in which field this company is the expertise of:-

  • Cybersecurity
  • Software development

Fusemachines Inc.

Fusemachines Inc also lies as one of the top IT companies in Nepal. This company builds agile data and Ai members to find the firm need. This company aim with data and AI strategies that send towards them become industry innovators.

This company develops solutions that align with the existing technology and strategic goals. This company
believes in and aims to create various products and services by combining every sector of data science, AI, and natural language processing. Some of their best services are -:

  • Software development
  • AI solutions
  • Web development

F1soft International Pvt. Limited

F1soft is the leading fintech company and is known as the top company of our company. This serves over 90% of the country’s banks and financial institutions. It works in the field of software development and focuses on the development of banking transactions, such as mobile banking systems and internet banking systems.

F1soft one of the Top 10 IT Companies in Nepal.
F1soft is one of the Top 10 IT Companies in Nepal.
Source: Twitter @f1soft

They have made a lot of investments over a decade in DFS product and service innovation and are proud of having developed Nepal’s first online payment gateway and digital wallet.

  • Software development
  • Digital wallet
  • Banking system


Yomari is a private company and the top leading company in our country, which has been providing cutting-edge technology consulting services in information management systems. It mainly focuses on helping small and large companies manage their company information. This company design and develop custom software and reengineers legacy application. Some of the services they provide are-:

  • It support and maintenance
  • Organize training programs.

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