Ncell’s Mobile Network Issue

There have been issues on the Ncell’s Mobile Network on 8th Dec 2022, due to which users face problems with incoming and outgoing calls over its network. Ncell’s Network Problem has been seen frequently nowadays. Are they lacking in providing good services?

The main cause behind Ncell’s Mobile Network problem

Ncell stated that the Ncell’s Network Problem was caused by multiple optical fibre links breaking during road expansion works on Butwal-Bardaghat and Damauli-Abhukhaireni and also said that the issue is now slowly being solved.

Although Ncell claims to have solved this problem, many of the users still have this issue in accessing their mobile network services.

Is NCELL a Good choice?

Even though it has been the most successful company in the history of telecommunications in Nepal and is Nepal’s second-largest telecommunications company, there have been too many issues with the network nowadays and is failing to provide constantly clean and quality services to the people of our country. So is Ncell really a good choice compared to NTCs?

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