Internet of Things

The Internet of things is a trending topic in the technology field, which has changed the way we live. Physical items (or groups of such objects) with sensors, processing power, software, and other technologies that can connect with other systems and devices through the Internet are referred to as “Internet of things” (IoT) objects.

Data interchange with them via the Internet or other communications networks. It is actually a new paradigm that has changed the traditional way of living into a high-tech lifestyle.

Application Of The Internet Of Things

Smart Home

The broader concept of home automation, which might include lighting, heating, cooling, media, security, and video systems, includes IoT devices as a subset.

Elder Care

A smart home can help the elderly and people with disabilities. People with vision and mobility issues can benefit from voice control, and alert systems can be directly linked to cochlear implants worn by the deaf. People with hearing loss These home systems can also be outfitted with extra safety features, such as sensors that detect medical emergencies such as falls or seizures.


IoT applications cover many aspects of transportation systems (for example, the vehicle, the infrastructure, and the driver or user). The dynamic interaction of various transport system components, smart parking, electronic toll collection, fleet management, logistics, vehicle control, safety, and road assistance enable inter- and intra-vehicular communication.

Product Digitalization

In a variety of smart or active packaging applications, a QR code or NFC tag can be attached to a product or its packaging. The tag isn’t active in and of itself, but it does contain a unique identifier (usually a URL) that allows users to access digital content about the product via a smartphone. Although inert objects are not technically part of the Internet of Things, they can be viewed as facilitating online interactions.

(Potential) Threats/Implications of the Internet of Things

“I think we should be very careful about artificial intelligence,”

– Elon Musk

That is arguably our greatest existential threat if I had to make a prediction.
Thus, we must exercise extreme caution.

Here is the darker side of the Internet of Things
  • Data breaches and reliance are made possible by IoT
  • Even though it completes complex activities, a sizable number of complex jobs must run in the background for these devices to finish the work.
  • Most notably, there is no privacy between these gadgets on the network because they are connected to other devices and communicate there.

The 5 Biggest Internet of Things (IoT) Trends In 2022

Edge IoT

Edge computing basically means that computing takes place on the device where the data is collected. Edge computing and IoT go hand in hand, and more of the processing will be divided between edge and the cloud.


IoT devices provide access points to our networks and to our data. According to security researchers at Kaspersky, there were 1.5 billion attacks against IoT devices during the first half of 2021. We commonly see denial-of-service attacks that basically work by hijacking compute power from devices that can be used to create botnets that attack other systems or to mine cryptocurrency. However, IoT devices can also be used to gather data on network activity that can be used then to predict and prevent cyber security. So, it basically has two sides to it, more attack vectors but it also helps us to protect ourselves.

IoT in HealthCare

IoT is used in this case to gather data to assist doctors in understanding patients’ conditions and lifestyles as well as work autonomously to improve users’ quality of life. This could allow doctors to examine, diagnose, and treat a greater number of patients and expand healthcare to areas with unrestricted physical access.


Internet of Things (IoT) is, therefore, a specialized field of technology where a lot of work is being done and where firms are attempting to automate human effort in order to reduce or eliminate the possibility of error. With its machine-to-machine
communication and interactivity, IoT will significantly simplify life for both individuals and enterprises.

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