Comparison Between GPT 3 and GPT 4

There is speculation that GPT-4 may be constructed using a larger training dataset than its predecessor, GPT-3. An unverified source, NeuroFlash, suggests that GPT-4’s training data could be as much as 45GB, which is 28GB more than what was used for GPT-3.

If true, we would expect the new model to deliver considerably more accurate results compared to its predecessor.

Difference between gpt and gpt 4

The difference between GPT-3.5 and the latest version of the large language model is that the latter can take both text prompts and images as inputs. This allows it to recognize objects in pictures and analyze them. GPT-3.5 is limited to generating responses of up to 3,000 words, while GPT-4 is expected to generate responses of more than 25,000 words. This article show difference between GPT and GPT4


As comparison to GPT-3.5, OpenAI reports a considerable improvement in safety performance for GPT-4 (from which ChatGPT was fine-tuned).

It is unclear at this moment, nevertheless, whether the GPT-4 model itself or the additional adversarial testing is to blame for the decrease in replies to requests for prohibited content, the decrease in the production of poisonous content, and the improvement in responses to sensitive themes.

Moreover, GPT-4 outperforms CPT-3.5 on the majority of human-administered academic and professional assessments. In contrast to GPT-3.5, which received a score in the 10th percentile on the Uniform Bar Test, GPT-4 received a score in the 90th percentile.

Moreover, GPT-4 greatly beats its predecessor on benchmarks for conventional language models and other SOTA models (although sometimes just barely).

For Image Processing

Being multimodal, Chat GPT-4 can comprehend and interpret a variety of informational formats, including visual ones.
Compared to Chat GPT-3, which only supported text inputs and responses, this is a big improvement. Chat GPT-4 can help people with vision impairments by reading out text on a label or providing information about an object thanks to its image recognition skills.

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Open AI has shown Chat GPT-4’s aptitude for reading maps, explaining how to use gym equipment, and describing the design on apparel. However, the quality of the image and the correctness of the user’s cues will determine the accuracy and efficacy of these responses.

Understanding photos and other types of information might generally make Chat GPT-4 more useful in real-world applications than its predecessor, Chat GPT-3.

GPT 4 VS GPT 3: Capabilities

GPT-4, which replaces GPT-3.5, has more sophisticated features than its forerunner.
Improved dependability, originality, teamwork, and better management of difficult instructions are a few of these capabilities.
According to reports, OpenAI has carried out a number of benchmark tests to show how the two models differ from one another, including replicating exams with human-designed questions.

ChatGPT-3 vs ChatGPT-4

It’s crucial to take into account the training parameters for these language models when contrasting GPT-3 and GPT-4.
With 175 billion parameters when it was first launched, GPT-3 was one of the biggest language models available.
Although the details of GPT-4 have not been made public, it is believed that the amount is far greater than 175 billion.

How to Gain Access to GPT-4

OpenAI is releasing GPT-4’s text input capability via ChatGPT. It is currently available to ChatGPT Plus users. There is a waitlist for the GPT-4 API. 

Public availability of the image input capability has not yet been announced. 

OpenAI has open-sourced OpenAI Evals, a framework for automated evaluation of AI model performance, to allow anyone to report shortcomings in their models and guide further improvements. 

Customers will have access to GPT-4 on as part of the ChatGPT Plus subscription, however there will be a usage cap.
Subscribers will initially be able to send 100 messages every four hours, with this usage cap being changed based on demand and system performance.

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OpenAI has reported that GPT-4, like its predecessors, is still susceptible to “jailbreaks,” where users can input adversarial prompts that can elicit output that OpenAI intended to exclude from the model’s responses. This vulnerability was highlighted in the GPT-4 Technical Report.

In the past, ChatGPT users had discovered how to write jailbreaking prompts that tricked ChatGPT into adopting a fictional persona named “DAN,” resulting in responses that OpenAI intended to be excluded. To prevent such jailbreaks, OpenAI uses a combination of reviewers and automated systems to identify and prevent misuse of its models and develop patches for future protection.

Limitations of GPT-4

OpenAI acknowledges some of the limitations of the GPT-4 language model while discussing its new capabilities. Similar to previous versions of GPT, the latest model still faces challenges with social biases, hallucinations, and adversarial prompts. However, OpenAI is actively working to address these issues despite the model’s imperfections.

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