Apple’s Emergency SOS technologies are assisting in human rescue

A man was recently rescued due to Apple’s new Emergency SOS through Satellite feature. He was in a cold, distant place, Alaska, with no connectivity, so he utilized his iPhone 14’s emergency SOS via satellite feature to alert authorities to his situation.

Apple’s Emergency SOS saved a life

How Does It Work?

Emergency SOS helps to connect to satellites in orbit around the earth to contact the emergency services when a user is outside cellular and Wi-fi coverage. It uses a questionnaire to transmit a message to emergency services via satellite, which helps first rescuers to know the situation and send for rescue.

The emergency text sent to emergency responders contains the location of a user’s latitude, phone battery status, plus if they have their healthcare ID. Currently, this feature is only available in North America, but it will soon be available in France, Germany, Ireland, and the United Kingdom as well.

Apple’s Emergency SOS To Be Extended In Europe

Any iPhone 14 user can access this Emergency Satellite via SOS. While Apple has not made a final decision on the exact details of how much it will cost moving ahead, this function is free to use for two years.

The service extends to France, Germany, Ireland, and the UK in December. For more information relating to the extension in Europe, visit the official site of Apple.

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